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Our rates

Property management fees vary significantly based on our packages. The primary package is 15% of the gross rent for single family homes and duplexes (up to 2 units), and 18-20% of gross rent for small, multi-family residential properties (3-6 units).  Exact quotes can only be provided following a site visit.


For larger, multi-family residential properties (6+ units), please call us at (647) 381-4387 for a custom quote.

Property Management FAQs

What is a property manager?

Property managers manage a client's investment property, so that the client/investor can be as hands-off as they wish. The investor has an asset that appreciates in value over time, while handing the day-to-day overseeing of tasks to a professional.

Are your property managers licensed?

The RCM (Registered Condominium Manager) designation, offered by ACMO (the Association of Condominium Managers in Ontario) is required for those individuals who intend to manage a condominium corporation in Ontario. You can read more about the RCM designation here. Our property managers do not manage entire condominium buildings, rather a boutique portfolio of investment properties on behalf of private investors, not requiring them to be licensed. Our team has taken professional courses offered through the Association of Condominium Managers in Ontario, the Real Estate Council of Ontario, and the Ontario Real Estate Association's Real Estate College to increase their knowledge and expertise in property management. 


What is the role of a property manager?

Your property manager has a number of roles in helping you manage your property. These fall into 3 major categories (tenant acquisition, tenant on-boarding, and tenant management). The duties include but are not limited to:

Tenant acquisition

  • Advertising of the subject property on all appropriate rental channels

  • Hosting property tours with prospective tenants comprehensive background checks

  • Conducting credit verification and determining credit worthiness of prospective tenants

  • Conducting income/employment verification of prospective tenants

  • Conducting personal and past landlord reference checks of prospective tenants

  • Processing of rental application forms

  • Conducting prospective tenant interviews

  • Facilitating owner-tenant meeting. if requested by either party

  • If listing the unit on MLS® (recommended), this step would come at an additional cost to pay the Realtors® involved, but we would facilitate the whole deal on your behalf


Tenant on-boarding​

  • Completing all lease paperwork as per the Ontario Real Estate Association rental agreements (with our Realtor® partners)

  • Completing all lease paperwork in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006

  • Advising tenants of move-in procedures

  • Completing tenant intake process from start to finish

  • Registering tenants with the condominium corporation, if the property is a condominium unit

  • Providing the tenants with a copy of the by-laws, rules, and regulations, if the property is a condominium unit

  • Supervising tenant move-in, if necessary

  • Developing and completing a move-in checklist with the tenants at the start of the lease

  • Collecting post-dated rent cheques, personal contact information, and tenant insurance proof from tenants

  • Handing over access keys, fobs, and mail room keys to the tenant, as required

  • Creating a binder with information about the lease and all relevant paperwork for the owner's/investor's safekeeping


Tenant management​

  • Ensuring the tenants are complying with the clauses of the lease agreement

  • Collecting rents from the tenants, whether by post-dated cheques or monthly rent cheque collections

  • Depositing rent cheques, if required by owner, on the owner's behalf

  • Supervising semi-annual property inspections to check the state of appliances, floors, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and overall state and orderliness of the subject property

  • Answering all calls, emails, texts, and other requests from tenants on an on-going basis

  • Completing additional site visits, as required

  • Handling lawn mowing and snow removal contracts at the subject property

  • Obtaining quotes for repair work required on the property from 2-3 tradespeople

  • Coordinating repair or service work between the tenants, owner, and service company/tradesperson

  • Supervising the work of contractors/tradespeople, where necessary

  • Conducting a once-monthly visual drive-by of the exterior of the property (not available for condominium apartments)

  • Issuing rent increase and other notices, as required

  • Managing and coordinating potential disputes between tenants (for the case of multi-residential properties, or single family homes with 1+ unit)

  • Hiring paralegal(s) and/or lawyer(s) to handle further legal issues, in consultation with the owner

  • Assisting to prepare all documentation required to assist the paralegal(s) and/or lawyer(s), if required

  • Coordinating cleaning services at the properties per the frequency preferences of the owner

  • Monthly invoicing for management fees and all other expenses provided to the owner

  • Quarterly reporting on timeline of events with the property, with additional, unlimited communication and guidance provided to the owner at any time during the management term


Other duties

  • Keeping up-to-date with the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006 and all other applicable legislation in Ontario

  • Ensuring that all leases and renewals are up to date

  • Advising the owner on capital expenditure/upkeep requirements to maintain the integrity of the property

  • Organizing cleaning during tenant lease period for vacant properties

  • Providing access to a network of inspectors, tradespeople, paralegals, lawyers, contractors, and other professionals for the benefit of the property owner

How many properties do you manage?

You can view our current and past portfolio of properties here.

Can I pay you in installments?

Yes, payment is generally based on gross rents and is payable on a monthly basis by post-dated cheques. Invoices will be provided.

Do you charge HST?

Yes, Anuvision Group Inc. is a legally registered business and we must charge and remit HST on all professional services. Invoices will be provided.

While filing my taxes, can I write off the expense of hiring a property manager?

Many of our clients do, but this is a question for your accountant because the answer may differ on a case-by-case basis.

What if I don't live in town?

No problem! Our packages are geared towards an investor that never has to visit their property (meaning we handle EVERYTHING)! It is up to the investor/owner to be as involved as they want, but their involvement is not required.

Do you manage short term rental properties?

Yes. Fees for this vary based on the property. Please call us at (647) 381-4387 for a custom quote.

What if my tenant calls me at midnight?!

They won't. The whole point of hiring a property manager is so that you don't have to run at the beck and call of your tenants at midnight.

I am a Realtor®. My client is looking for a property manager. Can I refer you?

We respect and appreciate our fellow Realtors®. Rest assured that we will not solicit your client, and we will preserve our relationship with them as their property managers only. We would also be happy to provide you with a referral fee for sending us your clients.

If you have more questions about property management or would like to learn more about how we can help you, please reach us directly at (647) 381-4387 for a confidential conversation.

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